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The Trossman family and lighting in the Windy City are synonymous. In 1950, my grandfather, Benjamin, moved from Philadelphia to Chicago to open a lighting company called Esty Manufacturing. Esty provided affordable light fixtures to middle income families across America. My father, Ken, took over Esty’s operations in 1981 and ran it for another ten years. Unfortunately, by the late 1980’s almost all manufacturing of this type moved overseas.

In 1992, using his many contacts in the lighting industry, Ken switched from manufacturing to distributing by founding Bulbs! Bulbs! Bulbs! I began working with my dad in 1994 until he semi-retired in 2001 and Bulbs! Bulbs! Bulbs! was slowly absorbed into my new company, Windy City Lighting.

Windy City Lighting is my opportunity to use the skill and knowledge I have acquired and apply it to my own company, hopefully, a company that will continue to prosper and grow like my own family. My father and grandfather both owned and operated successful lighting companies here in Chicago. Now it is my opportunity. I have a lot to live up to and the only way I can do it is to take great care of my customers.

Rick Trossman







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