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Going Green

Switch on to Halogen Lighting!

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A key to building traffic and assuring success of a showroom is its invitation for clients to come inside. Good lighting design utilizing technologically superior halogen lamps makes a showroom stand out in a crowd.

Perfect for shop windows, showcases, exhibitions, boutiques, jewelry stores, restaurants, museums and galleries, anywhere dramatic effects are critical, halogen lamps come in a variety of wattages and beam spreads to support a broad range of applications.

The 3 Reasons Why Halogen Lighting is Superior:

Color Rendering: The primary reason why halogen lamps are frequently used is because of their excellent color rendering. Color rendering is defined as a measure of lighting quality. This measure is based on an index that ranges from 1-100 with natural daylight and halogen lighting being 100 CRI. Objects (such as art work, jewelry, fabrics, and so forth) and people lit with halogen lamps will look more appealing and appear more true to life. Also, the color of objects can be perceived more accurately under lamps with a high CRI.
Good color rendering is critical in settings where it is important that people appear natural, in retail applications where merchandise must look appealing, and in restaurants where food must look appetizing.

Beam Control:
Halogen lamps have a scientifically designed reflector and lens system which maximizes optical efficiency by enhancing beam control and concentrating the light beam where it is needed. Operating at higher color temperature, halogen lamps actually produce more useable light for each watt of power consumed. The reflector and lens systems design takes full advantage of the small capsule size and optimum filament location and simply allows consumers to use lesser wattage bulbs without loss of light output.

Energy Saving:
With most conventional energy saving lighting systems reduced energy consumption means reduced light output. That’s not the case with Tungsten halogen lamps. By design, halogen lamps provide comparable light levels and use 40% less electrical power than equivalent conventional lamps. For example at 12 cents/KWH by replacing 150 watt conventional lamps with 90 watt halogen lamps, you save over $14.00 in energy cost over average lamp life. Similarly, by replacing 75 watt conventional lamps with 50 watt halogen lamps, you save over $6.00 in energy cost over average lamp life.

By: Rick Trossman, Lighting Consultant with Windy City Lighting located in Arlington Heights, IL


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